Good things come to those that wait....

For roughly 4 weeks a year, the earth will be tilted far enough away from the sun so that it  will rise through the arch at Durdle Door.

 I've wanted to get a shot of this happening for a good couple of years. I've had at least two failed attempts... perfectly clear skies on both occasions, but a nasty band of cloud on the horizon stopped it from happening.

The first time I was running late (I live a 45 minute drive away), discovered that the car park was full, and had to park at Lulworth Cove and run up the hill ( 1.5 miles with 20kg of kit on my back) and along the coastal path, to be greeted by the site of cloud on the horizon, a high tide and crashing waves that were on occasion hitting the cliff face... great! 

The second time, myself and around 20 other photographers all managed to suffer the same disappointment as once again cloud on the horizon put paid to our hopes.

Which brings me to this week! I tend to check the weather forecasts for sunrises and sunsets every couple of days, Monday had looked good, but it was my sons birthday.. I did contemplate having a go, but I don't think he would have appreciated waking up to find me out taking photos. Looking at the forecast though, Thursday also looked good... we're getting to the end of the window, but a quick check on the Photographers Ephemeris showed that it was still possible.

Driving past Lulworth camp I could see what looked like a band of cloud on the horizon... flipping 'eck! Not again!... I parked up at Durdle Door and started walking down... as I got closer to the beach the band of cloud was retreating further and further... RESULT!

There were a couple other photographers on the beach, and we had a quick chat and worked out a system so we could all get a shot without getting in each others way... I find it's much easier in these situations to just talk to people and come up with a sensible plan instead of just blindly wandering around doing what you want...

The resulting shots can be found in the Dorset section. In addition to the sun through the arch shot that was after, I also managed to get a nice couple of shots looking the other way towards Bats Head. The only problem with these was that I ended up being stood in the sea up to my knees and I'd only brought the one pair of socks with me, which meant I had to spend the day at work with soaking wet feet....