Good old English weather



Blimey, it seems that the two week annual British summer has arrived! The temperature is currently in between "Hot" and "The whole country is downing tools and going to the pub"...


Yesterday looked like it might yield a fairly good sunset and with there being absolutely no wind about gave me the perfect opportunity to have a bash at Hatchet Pond.


I've been there a few times over the years, but there's always been too much of a breeze to get any kind of decent reflection, so last night seemed like to good an oppertunity to miss! 


Looking at the pond I was trying to find something that would act as a decent foreground interest and help lead the eye into the image and up to the sky. Normally I'd look for a log or something but this time I spotted a small cluster of Lillies.


The only issue was that they were about 15 meters into the pond! Oh well, needs must! So off came the shoes and I waded out into the pond to spend a very enjoyable couple of hours standing on increadibly uncomfortable stones, in luke warm water whilst having my feet nibbled by fish!


The image unfolding


Not the most comfortable of positions